About Flume, Inc. Save money. Gain peace of mind. Conserve water

The old ways are out. We live in a connected age. We consume information—and we are mindful of our consumption, from food to energy to water. And we are tired of waiting for the monthly utility bills to find out what’s going on in our homes.

Enter Flume, a first-of-its-kind, easily installed household device that puts the power of water monitoring into the hands of homeowners.

Our best-in-class technology has been validated through partnerships with leading water utilities around the nation.

Innovated by three Cal Poly grads in response to the recent California drought, Flume allows you to:

  1. Detect small leaks before they cost money and cause damage
  2. Gain real-time information on your household water consumption
  3. Set water usage goals and budgets for your household
  4. Receive push notifications on suspicious water activities while you're away

Eric Adler Co-Founder, CEO

As a Central Oregon native, avid outdoorsman and an adventurer at heart, Eric has always been determined to use and support sustainable products and practices. Eric chose to study mechanical engineering in hopes of designing a product that would have a positive environmental impact. Inspired by California’s 2014 record-breaking drought, Eric pursued the incubation of a senior engineering project focused on providing water usage and conservation data to homeowners into an IoT startup called Flume. Eric has since grown the team, raised capital and brought to market a leak detection and water conservation product that solves a complex problem across multiple industries. Eric has worked to pursue and securing large agreements with multinational insurance providers and water utilities, and has recently begun to pursue the consumer market. Eric is focused on the continued growth of Flume's business while pursuing strategic partners, additional investment and market development.

Eric Adler Co-Founder, CEO
James Fazio Co-Founder, CTO

James Fazio Co-Founder, CTO

James, following three generations of successful entrepreneurs, grew up with the passion for creation and collaboration. There are few periods in his life where he hasn't been actively involved in some sort of project - whether it was music, short videos, websites or mobile applications. Throughout college, James gained experience working at multiple companies in both web and backend development, and eventually completed his degree in software engineering. In his senior year, James was approached by Eric with the original idea for Flume and immediately jumped on board. As Flume’s CTO, James bridges the gap between business and technology by effectively developing, articulating, and evolving the company’s strategic technical direction. James oversees the continuous development of Flume's hardware and software to ensure the growth and success of Flume.

Jeff Hufford Co-Founder, Lead Firmware Engineer

Jeff's passion for hardware and software developed at a young age when began to take apart and reassemble game consoles to better understand their mechanics. Jeff went on to pursue a degree in electrical engineering, becoming proficient in both electronic hardware development and firmware engineering. Through experience at Cisco, Jeff became proficient in multiple coding languages including low level C/C++, Python, Ruby, and Java, among others. This software experience proved valuable as he began to integrate the low level firmware development with IoT hardware to create systems that communicated from the cloud all the way down to the connected sensors on the ground level. As Flume's Lead Firmware Engineer, Jeff writes firmware for both the Flume Water Sensor and the Flume Bridge.

Jeff Hufford Co-Founder, Lead Firmware Engineer

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